” leave memory 8 ” ” cruel dog ” premonitory flirt with the girl true happiness

Issued business 5pb.Games to announce recently ” leave memory 8: For Dearest of the girl that do not have dirty ” new premonitory. This making as ” leave memory 8 ” FanDisc, the story after telling about game ending, with the girl interact to also become more. Newest and premonitory:[……]

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Yo greens jade 2019 money year acceptance of person of Q3 money announce good news won’t cut down the member of persons employed

Telephone conference declares to go up in today’s money, CEO Yves Guillemot of Yo green jade announced 2019 money year newspaper of money of the 3rd quarter. Gross income of green jade of Yo of the 3rd quarter is 605 million euro, although under last year 725 million of the corresponding period, dan Yobi is not too care, because had exceeded the target of 600 million euro of the company. End on December 31, 2018, in the past since 9 months, gross income of Yo green jade achieved 1.35 billion euro. Although your work competition is more intense 2018, the success inside this quarter still basically is attributed to Dan Yobi ” assassin credo: Odyssey ” strong performance. Green jade according to Yo, ” assassin credo: Odyssey ” and ” fetch of Gu island Jing 5 ” the sport ranks with best-selling 2018 body of in pairs ascend. Better besides sales volume of game of new put on sale outside, in the past since 9 months (2018.4.1-2018.12.31) the player is thrown again (PRI, namely small trade, DLC, season ticket, subscription, ad fare is waited a moment) achieve receive 444.3 million euro. Increased than in former years 38.9% , 32.9% of gross income of the green jade that occupy Yo, must say, the game service pattern that Yo green jade pursues is very successful. Still have with what rise firstly ” rainbow 6: Besiege ” wait for sport organized body group the player’s growth. 2018 ” rainbow 6: Besiege ” audience of electric contest competition grew 205% . Each big platform income that according to Yo green jade gives out is analysed, PC platform had apparent rise. In the past 3 quarters, 22% what PC platform contributed gross earnings, increased than in former years 58.1% . Floating platform contribution grew 77.6% than in former years, these two platform are from platform of two lead plane over there suck portion. Yo green jade still was alluded of purpose it seems that move inspect the incident cutting down the member of persons employed with the closest blizzard. Yo green jade did not cut those into parts to help a company realize the staff that income increases, contrary Guillemot expresses to expand labour force, making employee satisfactory is them ” first job ” . “Yo green jade is in with a view to is long-term make structure of an organization sex, use us to be opposite the droit of IP and atelier, we are bringing a satisfactory working environment hard, such our outstanding talent ability develop their potential adequately, bring the game experience that lets a player be benefited, surmount real entertainment. Accordingly we have hope we can be in next development of add of several years of relay and the gain capacity that increase us. ” should be asked about is big escape when killing game, CEO of Yo green jade expresses to be being investigated, but the news that can announce without what at present. In addition, he still mentions 2020 money Nian Yobi put on sale paragraph or 3 4 3A game. This has among them we had known, that is ” blue sea Hei Fa[……]

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Be amazed! YouTube user views and admire game video this year always when be as long as 50 billion hours

Ryan Wyatt of general manager of YouTube recreation branch was accepted recently when interviewing, express, 2018 is whole group milepost a year of type. Everyday on average 200 million register an user to land a website, browse the video related to game. 50 billion hours are as long as when 12 months in the past always are viewed and admire, the time that is equivalent to 5.7 million years about. Wyatt still speaks of browsed before 10 video with top quantity 2018, among them 5 are mixed ” the night of fort ” about, ” mission call 15 ” ” radiation 76 ” make conduct propaganda newly with Ren Tiantang piece also on a list of names posted up famous. “Look in me, the video with these person extremely high morale is shown gave each autodyne dissimilation, be the skill that amount to a person a little reveal, some are game conduct propaganda piece, this is very good thing, resemble the connection between fabricant and publisher community a bit ” , wyatt says. Although ” the night of fort ” held the half of country this year, but YouTube history go up the game with person highest energy of life still is ” my world ” , ” the night of fort ” want shake ” my world ” throne still needs hard, it is important to will continue to make game field in prospective YouTube component. [……]

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Homebred RPG is made newly ” autumn wind of violet a place of strategic importance ” tussle demonstrates enemy AI quite tall

Homebred RPG is made newly ” autumn wind of violet a place of strategic importance (The Wind Road) ” differ completely with a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of traditional sword of homebred celestial being, but before those who give off in demonstrating video, of enemy AI force infirmly those who cause many players spit groove. The government released a brand-new tussle to demonstrate video again now, the video before expressing is for Debug AI take out, this tussle wants wonderful much, the enemy’s AI is quite tall.

” autumn wind of violet a place of strategic importance ” producer is to be like Xu Dong, this making is the group BlackCGGame(20 Yu Ren that has animation of ten years of CG to make ordinary members of theatrical troupe by what he guides) make, also be product of their the first game. Express according to him, this game began to develop 2015, eye advancement is spent only 30% , predict to was made first half of the year 2017 end.

” autumn wind of violet a place of strategic importance ” producer is to be like Xu Dong, this making is the group BlackCGGame(20 Yu Ren that has animation of ten years of CG to make ordinary members of theatrical troupe by what he guides) make, also be product of their the first game. Express according to him, this game began to develop 2015, eye advancement is spent only 30% , predict to was made first half of the year 2017 end.

” autumn wind of violet a place of strategic importance ” it is one paragraph general behavioral risk element blends in the knight-errant of a China that enters traditional RPG game. (Also do not differ somewhat with ARPG too) .

Suspense, decode, type of action of adventure, half sandbox, gest, film mood narrates means. And in northwest the Silk Road, big desert, Dunhuang, will be in ” autumn wind of violet a place of strategic importance ” in reflect, also be the core of this game at the same time.

” autumn wind of violet a place of strategic importance ” reflect those who give human regression and animosity to put down. We emphasize the film narrative means, connecting the thing that after closing, place of leading role a suit experiences and he final choice to will touch a player deeply. Besides play game, as if film of knight-errant of the in seeing.

We check through be being counted 10 times, realized a movement kind the perfect confluence that the means of double hit tussle of game and traditional ARPG release skill, obtained good opinion. This is a game that has athletics element, the freedom that uses all sorts of gest adroitly only in game is tie-in, ability can beat the enemy smoothly. For example: What the enemy uses is long enginery (be like: Grow rod) , and right now, the player uses short weapon (be like: Sword) , hit very hard beat rival, the way of exercise to benefit the internal organs in traditional gest of the in needing switch to be, send remotely enemy. Of course, small merit system also is the one large window of this g[……]

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The cheongsam belle that Tian Li ends new photo explores to appear in Taiwan inside is her

Arrived again this bends over ” photo night spot ” time, the heroine that should share with everybody today is Japan pretty good the Tian Li inside red actress, model ends, she before gets a magazine invite will to Taiwan film photo, and recently as sell readers to eventually the opportunity sees the beautiful picture that films at that time, we see these be finished beautifully together next article ^^

In the magazine have not before put on sale, actually inside manage center is pushing cropland to go up especially premonitory the journey that oneself film in Taiwan, also stick the beautiful beautiful side that gives to film a few pieces at that time to take a picture first

Tian Li ends Ceng Zaijiu portion, black will wait for inside pass and had filmed photo, next whether did everybody ever also step these setting to had been patted illuminate?

Say candidly small make up the most satisfactory is inside the cheongsam that Tian Li ends is dressed up, it how is OK that the word says a girl so on schedul ~ too assist (saliva)


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World fine: Prospective plan takes seriously more abroad with PC game market

World fine announced recently end the year money of the portion signed up for in March 2019, they are in last money the performance in year is not excellent. Although total sales volume grows, but pro上海千花网 爱上海同城对对碰fit exceeds now the 2nd year to fall continuously however, the outstanding achievement of digital game and one-armed bandit is most bad. To this, world fine will deliver the view to overseas market afresh, especially hypostatic game and transplanting edition. Above all, last money plan the game of pure number edition of put on sale to have 12 in year, but have 8 only among them as scheduled put on sale. Defer, saturation of competition, market and上海夜网论坛 上海夜网 the game project that are in charge of at the same time are too much etc, it is the reason that profit gives now to fall. In respect of hypostatic edition game, ” like dragon 6 ” and ” football manager 2019 ” sales volume gives now to fall, but because appear on the market and ap上海千花网论坛 上海千花网peared in North America and European area,profit grows. World fine believe, the outstanding achievement of overseas market the fine quality plus game, make this part outstanding achievement be in this money shows scene in year. World Jia Weiming ye阿拉爱上海同城 爱上海龙凤419桑拿ar the plan that make is to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, they forecast Japanese home market to be able to be immersed in become rigid, so meeting general look drops other a上海千花网 爱上海同城对对碰rea of Xiang Yazhou, north Am爱上海同城手机版 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛erica and European area, pay attention to mobile phone, PC and hypostatic game. [……]

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National post office calls together the same night of bird of suitable abundant dish to attend a meeting both sides restores to cooperate

Report 3 days of newses according to 21 centuries economy, the same night meets negotiation, suitable上海龙凤论坛sh1f 上海龙凤论坛 abundant and dish bird agree to restored number to be defeated to cooperate with business as 上海千花网 爱上海同城对对碰it is said at 12 o’clock midday at 3 days.

Each other rancorring end, collaborat上海千花网交友 上海千花网论坛ion comes again. Report of 21 centuries economy learns from national post office, late on June 2, national post office calls together dish bird network and suitable abundant fast carry high level comes to Beijing, shut each other to connect data interface problem to undertake harmony with respect to both sides. Both sides expresses will set out from the height that tells politics to consider overall situation, seek the greatest common divisor that solves a problem actively, safeguard market order and consumer to close right increase jointly, agree from June 3 12 when case, restore business collaboration and data to transmit in the round.

Disclose according to reliable disappear source, this meets begin at 2 days of late nights at 23 o’clock half, suitable abundant and dish bird high level all are abrupt be called together, and the same night comes attend a meeting, talk all the time to 3 days of before dawn much at 1 o’clock, reach consensus eventually. Have not decide at present, is content shared with respect to 上海千花网龙凤论坛 上海千花社区data in bilateral consensus do each other have how old and concessional? 21 centur上海贵族宝贝论坛 上海贵族宝贝ies economy reports understanding arrives, actually the foreground of bilateral counterpoise new cooperation has preparation early, respective even collogue passes the counter that cooperates afresh.

Controller of national post office emphasizes, the favorable situation hard-earned that in recent years electric business 爱上海同城 爱上海and express line of business grow jointly, answer to be cherished doubly. The hope swims up and down company joint efforts, enter in all hand in hand, join forces drives an industry to last healthy progress, provide better express service for broad consumer.


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2 quarters receive fund newly heavy storehouse exposure sluggish goes up or put a chance

Login register fund of text of news of finance and economics of center of news of the network austral Fujian do 2 quarters enter heavy storehouse newly does exposure sluggish go up or put opportunity origin: ? Fierce?2017-07-25 16:0 of discharge  2 Http://www.mnw.cn/

This year since 2 quarters, field of A stock market walks out of differentiation prices, “Beautiful 50 ” concept strong go up, overmeasure value grows adjust continuously. Below such prices setting, how does fair collect fund move a storehouse to change? As fund exposure of 2 quarterly reports ends, fund enters heavy storehouse newly rise to surface. Inside course of study the personage looks, heavy storehouse is entered newly in fund in, at the same time by hold of much home fund and hold occupy current a proportion is higher, 2 quarters go up this year sluggish goes up since not big, 3 quarters, run next the probability that beats the market is met relatively a few bigger.

Fund takes IT, consumption and raw material newly

Day agree with each other considers statistical data to show, 2 quarters fund ent阿拉爱上海同城 爱上海龙凤419桑拿ers heavy storehouse newly this year, basically be the industry such as consumable and service, IT and raw material and mechanical building materials. Before 50 old heavy warehouses are entered newly in fund in, attribute IT trade amount to 12 companies, the Ping Zhixin interest that includes software to serve a field, Chinese get the science and technology of information, focus, network that use friend, the Fu Han that the network of 100 million couplet of communication domain reachs domain of yuan of parts of an apparatus is small wait with power source news; The company of consumable and service industry has 10, the hair of peaceful wave height上海千花社区 上海千花网交友 that includes field of car a replacement, science and technology that protect grand, this age predestined relationship of liquor domain; Raw material industry has 9 companies, city of the Lu Xi chemical industry that includes chemical field, dark blue is changed greatly, fly triumphant material, and element of square big charcoal and innovation share.

Hold the stock market to be worth a circumstance to look from fund, up to 2 quarters end, jin Litai is weighed by 4 fund at the same time storehouse hold 35.48 million, the market prise that maintain a warehouse is 530 million yuan. After close therewith is by 8 fund aggregate hold biology of 9.74 million the Temple of Heaven, the market prise that maintain a warehouse is 378 million yuan. Those who rank the 3rd is Anhui dimension new and high, at the same time by 6 fund hold 71.36 million, market prise is 295 million yuan. 7 companies such as Si Da of electron of flourishing of element of hair of peaceful wave height, square big charcoal, scene, develop also are exceeded 200 million yuan by fund hold market prise.

Hold from fund occupy current the circumstance sees a scale, heavy storehouse is entered newly in fund in, fund is held occupy current the company of more than 10[……]

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“Jin Jiuyin 10 ” building city will come the People’s Daily is abroad edition: Adjusting control, city letting a building returns to reason

The People’s Daily is abroad edition: Adjusting control, city letting a building returns to reason

The near future, the much ground such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenyang is rolled out one after another new measure of adjusting control of city of round of building, further keep within limits drops type demand, highlight building living attribute, emphasize ensure and improving the people’s livelihood. Jin Jiuyin is about to enter in building city below the setting of 10 sales busy season, the trend of future of adjusting control policy makes the central point of global attention. The expert points out, while in recent years building city accompanies Chinese economy to develop quickly, also appeared house price has risen venture of outstanding, banking increases property of fast, investment wait for a lot of problem. Accordingly, accelerate the lasting effect mechanism that forms health of stimulative estate market to develop, it is Chinese economy not only the requirement of smooth transition, also be the true course of measure of adjusting control of city of building of prospective each district at the same time.

House price God cannot last

The tree cannot grow the sky, estate price is same also. Normally, the living attribute of estate decided its are met as economy development and town change a course and flourishing. But, if the building is under the dominant that invests attribute,had risen fast, go up too big, as time passes can bring various risks and hidden trouble.

Institute of Shanghai negotiable securities is presiding and macroscopical Xiao Zhuanwen of analyst introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad month points out, the contradiction of Chinese estate market basically is in two respects: It is speculation proportion exorbitant, 2 it is tall house price squashed greatly other industry. Chief economist makes the same score traffic bank repeatedly think, estate stock gross still is in promotion of level of leverage of exalted, relevant section is faster, industry of together with real-estate fights risk ability whole weaker, estate bubble risk still requires vigilance.

From the point of the experience of the country such as beautiful, day, the backside of economic crisis has the sign with estate undone bubble. Be in China, estate market passes 20 old rapid development, building of a lot of area dish the price already special tall, the impact of unripe to the people vivid quality and cost of battalion of already of look forward to is very big also. Accordingly, no matter be objective law or subjective need, decided house price is impossible to rise indefinitely. Department of trade of economy of institute of government of university of Beijing science and technology teachs He Weida to express to our newspaper reporter.

Nowadays, it is under adjusting control policy, b上海龙凤论坛sh1f 上海龙凤论坛uilding city begins to retu上海夜网论坛 上海夜网rn to reason. Data of national statistic bureau shows, up to in June 2017, in home 70 big in in[……]

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Why should be the meaning of birthday danger and function bought ” protect absolutely refuse to to protect unripe ” birthday danger

Why to log onto the meaning that registers danger of birthday of text of news of finance and economics of center of news of the network austral Fujian and function to want to buy ” protect absolutely refuse to to protect unripe ” : of birthday risk source? ?2017-08-23 09:3 of Gang Duo shade2 Http://www.mnw.cn/

Why should buy protect absolutely refuse to to guarantee unripe birthday a place difficult of access, this is the necessary safeguard that the room borrows a family

I had written accident danger, serious illness risk before, want to talk about birthday danger now. Birthday danger is to protect absolutely refuse to to keep unripe product, ensure death only the risk with this one the biggest life.

Birthday danger can reflect insurance value most, be individual family sense of responsibility reflect, it is die person the money that keeps to the family.

According to the definition, birthday danger namely life-insurance, it is a kind of insurance that is insurance object with the person’s life and death. It is insurant live inside insurance duty lieutenancy or die, by underwriter basis cont上海夜网论坛 上海夜网racted regulation gives a kind of assurance that pays insurance gold.

Regard and rather than of an altruistic sex as the insurance of hoggish sex, a lot of people are natural can alternative when configuration is safe oversight drops birthday narrow pass. Birthday risk is very significant but not urgent configuration, we can be being done sufficient after the foundation is ensured, buy.

Have next old having to going up small economic pillar, can consider to configure danger of a birthday, because,avoid of the individual leave suddenly, leave huge debt to the family, the safeguard family of the oldest rate gives birth to vivid quality.

Domestic pillar dies early, mean main income source to be cut off, but because have the presence of fixed birthday danger,won’t make a family so flurried. The room in the home is borrowed rich, the child has money to continue to go to school, parents is rich can provide for the aged. Birthday danger can need the life level of safeguard most in the family, provide enough economic safeguard in time.

The safeguard responsibility of birthday danger and photograph of other insurance product are compared really special and simple, ensure die responsibility or total damage namely, once appear above circumstance, insurance company keeps the specified number accordingly according to contract compensation.

Go all out to be being hit in the city 80, 90 hind people for, major family is bearing giant house to borrow, the car shifts pressure. Late elder brother suggests everybody can be in debt according to the family circumstance, configure the fixed birthday danger of full specified amount爱上海同城论坛 爱上海同城 to domestic pillar appropriately.

To domestic pillar, domestic room borrows defray to press muscularity but safeguard is not worth badly, once economic origin is interrupted, family maintains existing life very hard. Fixed birthday d[……]

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