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During the woman is pregnant, the item that needs an attention is very much, be pregnant especially inchoate when, classics regular meeting appears a few unwell reaction, for instance disgusting vomiting, smell especially moment of a few excitant olfactory, reaction is met1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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More intense, easy wave motion waits the mood a moment, to solve these problems, want to notice relevant item at ordinary times, want to adjust good individual mood for instance, so be pregnant firstShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Period but in order to do acuteness exercise?

Be pregnant nascent can acuteness movement?

Do not know to be pregnant acuteness how to move to do?

Do not affect commonly be pregnant. The proposal can observe, the attention rests, strengthen nutrition, rule of dietary work and rest, keep pleasurable. Oviposit period of the same branch of a family is pregnant odds is bigger.

After be pregnant, violent campaign may be peace conference of the symptom that causes threatened abortion

Directive opinion:

But if there is not the word of the circumstance of bellyacke and haemorrhage now,the consideration was not affected, the examination that suggests to notice to do good pregnancy is OK

During be pregnant according to the description, the proposal does not do acuteness exercise, give priority to in order to rest.

Be pregnant nascent can acuteness movement?

Directive opinion:

If the bosom has violent campaign during pregnant,the likelihood causes miscarriage. After the proposal is pregnant one1000 beautiful net dragon of ShanghaiForum of Shanghai night net

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Want to notice to rest surely, reduce an activity to strengthen nutrition.

The consideration should eliminate to have the case of the threatened abortion that motion causes above all below this kind of circumstance.

Directive opinion:

The proposal had better go to a hospital checking hormone level and than exceeding, oneForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The pregnant inside calm diagnose palace can be at ease,

Need attention is below the circumstance of equipment pregnant usually the dot rests and of food, such gift are nice avoid accident

Directive opinion:

RootFall in love with the sea

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Allegedly the activity with general situation is possible, of not acuteness activity, avoid osculatory radioactivity material as far as possible

Do not know to be pregnant below the circumstance, cause miscarriage if campaign is violent possibly, if athletic hind is unwell without bellyacke,perhaps bleed to need not worry.

Be pregnant nascent can acuteness movement?

Directive opinion:

Proposal, have physical training can be strengthened between pregnancy, increase body strength, if this month has,be in oviposit period of the same branch of a family has pregnant possibility, had better reduce motion.

It is to appear pregnant circumstance, after be pregnant commonly, need avoids to have acuteness activity.

Directive opinion:

If appear the word of acuteness activity, the condition that may cause occurrence miscarriage happens, should not appear temporarily only nevertheless the word of apparently unusual situation, much question is not big, it is OK to continue to observe.

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