Yo greens jade 2019 money year acceptance of person of Q3 money announce good news won’t cut down the member of persons employed

Telephone conference declares to go up in today’s money, CEO Yves Guillemot of Yo green jade announced 2019 money year newspaper of money of the 3rd quarter. Gross income of green jade of Yo of the 3rd quarter is 605 million euro, although under last year 725 million of the corresponding period, dan Yobi is not too care, because had exceeded the target of 600 million euro of the company. End on December 31, 2018, in the past since 9 months, gross income of Yo green jade achieved 1.35 billion euro. Although your work competition is more intense 2018, the success inside this quarter still basically is attributed to Dan Yobi ” assassin credo: Odyssey ” strong performance. Green jade according to Yo, ” assassin credo: Odyssey ” and ” fetch of Gu island Jing 5 ” the sport ranks with best-selling 2018 body of in pairs ascend. Better besides sales volume of game of new put on sale outside, in the past since 9 months (2018.4.1-2018.12.31) the player is thrown again (PRI, namely small trade, DLC, season ticket, subscription, ad fare is waited a moment) achieve receive 444.3 million euro. Increased than in former years 38.9% , 32.9% of gross income of the green jade that occupy Yo, must say, the game service pattern that Yo green jade pursues is very successful. Still have with what rise firstly ” rainbow 6: Besiege ” wait for sport organized body group the player’s growth. 2018 ” rainbow 6: Besiege ” audience of electric contest competition grew 205% . Each big platform income that according to Yo green jade gives out is analysed, PC platform had apparent rise. In the past 3 quarters, 22% what PC platform contributed gross earnings, increased than in former years 58.1% . Floating platform contribution grew 77.6% than in former years, these two platform are from platform of two lead plane over there suck portion. Yo green jade still was alluded of purpose it seems that move inspect the incident cutting down the member of persons employed with the closest blizzard. Yo green jade did not cut those into parts to help a company realize the staff that income increases, contrary Guillemot expresses to expand labour force, making employee satisfactory is them ” first job ” . “Yo green jade is in with a view to is long-term make structure of an organization sex, use us to be opposite the droit of IP and atelier, we are bringing a satisfactory working environment hard, such our outstanding talent ability develop their potential adequately, bring the game experience that lets a player be benefited, surmount real entertainment. Accordingly we have hope we can be in next development of add of several years of relay and the gain capacity that increase us. ” should be asked about is big escape when killing game, CEO of Yo green jade expresses to be being investigated, but the news that can announce without what at present. In addition, he still mentions 2020 money Nian Yobi put on sale paragraph or 3 4 3A game. This has among them we had known, that is ” blue sea Hei Fan ” .

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