Be amazed! YouTube user views and admire game video this year always when be as long as 50 billion hours

Ryan Wyatt of general manager of YouTube recreation branch was accepted recently when interviewing, express, 2018 is whole group milepost a year of type. Everyday on average 200 million register an user to land a website, browse the video related to game. 50 billion hours are as long as when 12 months in the past always are viewed and admire, the time that is equivalent to 5.7 million years about. Wyatt still speaks of browsed before 10 video with top quantity 2018, among them 5 are mixed ” the night of fort ” about, ” mission call 15 ” ” radiation 76 ” make conduct propaganda newly with Ren Tiantang piece also on a list of names posted up famous. “Look in me, the video with these person extremely high morale is shown gave each autodyne dissimilation, be the skill that amount to a person a little reveal, some are game conduct propaganda piece, this is very good thing, resemble the connection between fabricant and publisher community a bit ” , wyatt says. Although ” the night of fort ” held the half of country this year, but YouTube history go up the game with person highest energy of life still is ” my world ” , ” the night of fort ” want shake ” my world ” throne still needs hard, it is important to will continue to make game field in prospective YouTube component.

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