The cheongsam belle that Tian Li ends new photo explores to appear in Taiwan inside is her

Arrived again this bends over ” photo night spot ” time, the heroine that should share with everybody today is Japan pretty good the Tian Li inside red actress, model ends, she before gets a magazine invite will to Taiwan film photo, and recently as sell readers to eventually the opportunity sees the beautiful picture that films at that time, we see these be finished beautifully together next article ^^

In the magazine have not before put on sale, actually inside manage center is pushing cropland to go up especially premonitory the journey that oneself film in Taiwan, also stick the beautiful beautiful side that gives to film a few pieces at that time to take a picture first

Tian Li ends Ceng Zaijiu portion, black will wait for inside pass and had filmed photo, next whether did everybody ever also step these setting to had been patted illuminate?

Say candidly small make up the most satisfactory is inside the cheongsam that Tian Li ends is dressed up, it how is OK that the word says a girl so on schedul ~ too assist (saliva)

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