World fine: Prospective plan takes seriously more abroad with PC game market

World fine announced recently end the year money of the portion signed up for in March 2019, they are in last money the performance in year is not excellent. Although total sales volume grows, but pro上海千花网

fit exceeds now the 2nd year to fall continuously however, the outstanding achievement of digital game and one-armed bandit is most bad. To this, world fine will deliver the view to overseas market afresh, especially hypostatic game and transplanting edition. Above all, last money plan the game of pure number edition of put on sale to have 12 in year, but have 8 only among them as scheduled put on sale. Defer, saturation of competition, market and上海夜网论坛

the game project that are in charge of at the same time are too much etc, it is the reason that profit gives now to fall. In respect of hypostatic edition game, ” like dragon 6 ” and ” football manager 2019 ” sales volume gives now to fall, but because appear on the market and ap上海千花网论坛

peared in North America and European area,profit grows. World fine believe, the outstanding achievement of overseas market the fine quality plus game, make this part outstanding achievement be in this money shows scene in year. World Jia Weiming ye阿拉爱上海同城

ar the plan that make is to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, they forecast Japanese home market to be able to be immersed in become rigid, so meeting general look drops other a上海千花网

rea of Xiang Yazhou, north Am爱上海同城手机版

erica and European area, pay attention to mobile phone, PC and hypostatic game.

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