2 quarters receive fund newly heavy storehouse exposure sluggish goes up or put a chance

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This year since 2 quarters, field of A stock market walks out of differentiation prices, “Beautiful 50 ” concept strong go up, overmeasure value grows adjust continuously. Below such prices setting, how does fair collect fund move a storehouse to change? As fund exposure of 2 quarterly reports ends, fund enters heavy storehouse newly rise to surface. Inside course of study the personage looks, heavy storehouse is entered newly in fund in, at the same time by hold of much home fund and hold occupy current a proportion is higher, 2 quarters go up this year sluggish goes up since not big, 3 quarters, run next the probability that beats the market is met relatively a few bigger.

Fund takes IT, consumption and raw material newly

Day agree with each other considers statistical data to show, 2 quarters fund ent阿拉爱上海同城

ers heavy storehouse newly this year, basically be the industry such as consumable and service, IT and raw material and mechanical building materials. Before 50 old heavy warehouses are entered newly in fund in, attribute IT trade amount to 12 companies, the Ping Zhixin interest that includes software to serve a field, Chinese get the science and technology of information, focus, network that use friend, the Fu Han that the network of 100 million couplet of communication domain reachs domain of yuan of parts of an apparatus is small wait with power source news; The company of consumable and service industry has 10, the hair of peaceful wave height上海千花社区

that includes field of car a replacement, science and technology that protect grand, this age predestined relationship of liquor domain; Raw material industry has 9 companies, city of the Lu Xi chemical industry that includes chemical field, dark blue is changed greatly, fly triumphant material, and element of square big charcoal and innovation share.

Hold the stock market to be worth a circumstance to look from fund, up to 2 quarters end, jin Litai is weighed by 4 fund at the same time storehouse hold 35.48 million, the market prise that maintain a warehouse is 530 million yuan. After close therewith is by 8 fund aggregate hold biology of 9.74 million the Temple of Heaven, the market prise that maintain a warehouse is 378 million yuan. Those who rank the 3rd is Anhui dimension new and high, at the same time by 6 fund hold 71.36 million, market prise is 295 million yuan. 7 companies such as Si Da of electron of flourishing of element of hair of peaceful wave height, square big charcoal, scene, develop also are exceeded 200 million yuan by fund hold market prise.

Hold from fund occupy current the circumstance sees a scale, heavy storehouse is entered newly in fund in, fund is held occupy current the company of more than 10% has a proportion 5. Stand hold a technology high by 5 fund hold 3.29 million, occupy current than for 12.8% . After close therewith is hair of peaceful wave height, 7 fund are total hold occupy current a scale for 12.65% . In addition, ambry of Si Da of fund hold develop, gold is occupied current scale also exceeds 12% .

Super- drop or put a chance

Since this year, the market walks out of differentiation prices, after entering 2 quarters especially, the market walks out of an extreme ” 19 ” prices, besides little part bank, home appliance, consumption board piece go against situati上海千花网论坛

on go up beyond, the others drop mostly. Inside course of study the personage looks, in prices of this kind of become divided, value investment becomes market masterstroke, invest the fair collect fund of the orgnaization as major, its move a storehouse to change tendercy is 阿爱上海同城

worth to pay close attention to.

Investor consults fund enters heavy storehouse newly, can be chosen from a few respects. Choose fund to hold first occupy current a proportion is higher, look to be held again some fund amounts, if by many fund collective hold, make clear a company to all be obtained in different investment logic approbate. The 3rd look since the market performance of 2 quarters reachs 3 quarters this year go up drop circumstance.

Integrated afore-mentioned, this year 2 quarters fund enters heavy storehouse newly in, at the same time by hold of 4 above fund and hold occupy current scale exceeds 5% , 2 q爱上海同城

uarters share price goes up lesser and go up since 3 quarters not quite electron of an a hair of wave height having peace, gold ambry, Jing Wang, Jinlitai.

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