“Jin Jiuyin 10 ” building city will come the People’s Daily is abroad edition: Adjusting control, city letting a building returns to reason

The People’s Daily is abroad edition: Adjusting control, city letting a building returns to reason

The near future, the much ground such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenyang is rolled out one after another new measure of adjusting control of city of round of building, further keep within limits drops type demand, highlight building living attribute, emphasize ensure and improving the people’s livelihood. Jin Jiuyin is about to enter in building city below the setting of 10 sales busy season, the trend of future of adjusting control policy makes the central point of global attention. The expert points out, while in recent years building city accompanies Chinese economy to develop quickly, also appeared house price has risen venture of outstanding, banking increases property of fast, investment wait for a lot of problem. Accordingly, accelerate the lasting effect mechanism that forms health of stimulative estate market to develop, it is Chinese economy not only the requirement of smooth transition, also be the true course of measure of adjusting control of city of building of prospective each district at the same time.

House price God cannot last

The tree cannot grow the sky, estate price is same also. Normally, the living attribute of estate decided its are met as economy development and town change a course and flourishing. But, if the building is under the dominant that invests attribute,had risen fast, go up too big, as time passes can bring various risks and hidden trouble.

Institute of Shanghai negotiable securities is presiding and macroscopical Xiao Zhuanwen of analyst introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad month points out, the contradiction of Chinese estate market basically is in two respects: It is speculation proportion exorbitant, 2 it is tall house price squashed greatly other industry. Chief economist makes the same score traffic bank repeatedly think, estate stock gross still is in promotion of level of leverage of exalted, relevant section is faster, industry of together with real-estate fights risk ability whole weaker, estate bubble risk still requires vigilance.

From the point of the experience of the country such as beautiful, day, the backside of economic crisis has the sign with estate undone bubble. Be in China, estate market passes 20 old rapid development, building of a lot of area dish the price already special tall, the impact of unripe to the people vivid quality and cost of battalion of already of look forward to is very big also. Accordingly, no matter be objective law or subjective need, decided house price is impossible to rise indefinitely. Department of trade of economy of institute of government of university of Beijing science and technology teachs He Weida to express to our newspaper reporter.

Nowadays, it is under adjusting control policy, b上海龙凤论坛sh1f

uilding city begins to retu上海夜网论坛

rn to reason. Data of national statistic bureau shows, up to in June 2017, in home 70 big in in the city, city of a gleam of builds commodity the residence and secondhand residential price rises on average compared to the same period all successive city of second line of; of 9 months fall after a rise builds commodity house price to go up on average compared to the same period successive 7 months fall after a rise, secondhand residential price rises on average compared to the same period successive also 5 months occurrence fall after a rise.

Adjusting control have sth in mind is essential problem

Observe not difficult discovery carefully, the policy of building city adjusting control that each district rolls out nowadays not only finer solidder, and the deep-seated problem that adjusting control touchs building city oneself exists increasingly.

For example, fry room space for limitation, the Fuzhou City asks each estate develops an enterprise to agree according to contract of sell one’s own things of management sex land, complete time limit asks to accelerate commodity house project to develop construction, commodity house project is making work building ministry is marked the position is official show the information such as the position that opens to booking room source, area, monovalent, total prices, must not cover source of room of dish of cherish carry out, corner.

Current, with the place the level published policy of a lot of adjusting control in the center of. These have a lot of to aim to restrain house price to rise too quickly in policy, intuitionistic on see the short-term sense that dissolves a venture relatively apparent. But with what differ before be, these adjusting control policy pay attention to the essential sex problem that building city exists more, build lasting effect mechanism to offerring early days matting, exploration to wear for exploration experience foundation. He Weida says.

Analytic personage points out, the room is used, either pledging actually with what will fry is to emphasizing the investment attribute of the building cannot overriding at living attribute. Accordingly, policy of adjusting control of city of prospective China building should continue to return to living attribute in order to promote a building to be starting point, it is ultimate goal in order to build into lasting effect mechanism, shift the resource that put an amount, correct resource fault to match, raise the resource that put an amount to use efficiency.

Lasting effect mechanism is in establish

Not long ago, beijing manages temporary measure to face a society to seek an opini阿爱上海同城

on in the light of housing of mutual property right, be inspected the another newest pace that adjusting control of epicycle building city marchs toward lasting effect mechanism.

Beijing rolled out housing of mutual property right, guarantee system of system, perfect housing to perfecting housing, build estate adjusting control to grow effect mechanism, the end in support buys a house, check a seize a chance to seek private gain, stimulative fairness, have great sense. Chen Zhi of secretary-general of Beijing estate association expresses, this policy makes the same score steady healthy progress to will produce positive effect上海龙凤论坛

to city of prospective Beijing building.

Meanwhile, to playing the trend of policy of one phase estate, chinese people bank is in ” Chinese area banking runs a report (2017) ” in also gave out 4 keys: It is to build health of perfect estate market to develop lasting effect mechanism. Use population of town census register and commonweal and construction ground index couple, raise land to be used in the intensive inside countrywide limits. 2 it is to carry attraction of high school small town, form advantage industry to prop up, supply of high grade and join of fast track traffic, public service, include quality network of city of mild of strong, green. 3 it is to strengthen housing finance is macroscopical careful managing, flow direction of rigid limitation credit invests speculation to buy a house. 4 it is to develop the long-term and public housing that rent actively, stability and normative housing hire a concern.

He Weida expresses: The assorted fist that lasting effect mechanism of future is sure is a series of policy and system design, if increas新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

e heat city land supply, promote system of system of building hold cost, perfect property right the design with wealth tax measure, adjust from fountainhead optimize characteristic of income allocation structure, promotion appeal of small town population. Accordingly, policy of adjusting control of analytic building city is moved toward cannot impatient nearsightedness, need however from lasting effect mechanism this one ultimate goal sets out.


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