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Why to log onto the meaning that registers danger of birthday of text of news of finance and economics of center of news of the network austral Fujian and function to want to buy ” protect absolutely refuse to to protect unripe ” : of birthday risk source? ?2017-08-23 09:3 of Gang Duo shade2 Http://www.mnw.cn/

Why should buy protect absolutely refuse to to guarantee unripe birthday a place difficult of access, this is the necessary safeguard that the room borrows a family

I had written accident danger, serious illness risk before, want to talk about birthday danger now. Birthday danger is to protect absolutely refuse to to keep unripe product, ensure death only the risk with this one the biggest life.

Birthday danger can reflect insurance value most, be individual family sense of responsibility reflect, it is die person the money that keeps to the family.

According to the definition, birthday danger namely life-insurance, it is a kind of insurance that is insurance object with the person’s life and death. It is insurant live inside insurance duty lieutenancy or die, by underwriter basis cont上海夜网论坛

racted regulation gives a kind of assurance that pays insurance gold.

Regard and rather than of an altruistic sex as the insurance of hoggish sex, a lot of people are natural can alternative when configuration is safe oversight drops birthday narrow pass. Birthday risk is very significant but not urgent configuration, we can be being done sufficient after the foundation is ensured, buy.

Have next old having to going up small economic pillar, can consider to configure danger of a birthday, because,avoid of the individual leave suddenly, leave huge debt to the family, the safeguard family of the oldest rate gives birth to vivid quality.

Domestic pillar dies early, mean main income source to be cut off, but because have the presence of fixed birthday danger,won’t make a family so flurried. The room in the home is borrowed rich, the child has money to continue to go to school, parents is rich can provide for the aged. Birthday danger can need the life level of safeguard most in the family, provide enough economic safeguard in time.

The safeguard responsibility of birthday danger and photograph of other insurance product are compared really special and simple, ensure die responsibility or total damage namely, once appear above circumstance, insurance company keeps the specified number accordingly according to contract compensation.

Go all out to be being hit in the city 80, 90 hind people for, major family is bearing giant house to borrow, the car shifts pressure. Late elder brother suggests everybody can be in debt according to the family circumstance, configure the fixed birthday danger of full specified amount爱上海同城论坛

to domestic pillar appropriately.

To domestic pillar, domestic room borrows defray to press muscularity but safeguard is not worth badly, once economic origin is interrupted, family maintains existing life very hard. Fixed birthday danger can match a room to borrow the loan time limit of the crowd, loan period makes sure family need not be a huge sum to be in debt be anxious.

Fixed birthday danger and room borrow collocation, most those who agree is fixed 2 words. The room in the time of safeguard of fixed birthday danger that late elder brother suggests to choose and him home is borrowed same periodic.

Total account basically has at 2 o’clock:

OK and 1, effective avoid still borrows a process in because lose the risk; of labour force

2, agile and alterable, can undertake adjustment; according to domestic income and responsible circumstance

After we configure fixed birthday danger, agre上海千花社区

e in insurance contract during inside, if appear death or total damage, criterion insurance company gives according to insurance amount of the agreement if at the expiration of one’s term of office of insurance time limit is still living and in good health,pay insurance gold; , safe contract nature is stopped, insurance company assumes insurance responsibility no longer, and do not retreat an insurance premium.

Pure consumption of choice of proposal of fixed birthday danger safe, such changing, product cost rate is low, the domestic finance affairs that can let more family responsibility rise with lower price, smaller investment is ensured, leave the economy of family to prop up.

– 3-

To the configuration of birthday danger, late elder brother suggests to be able to combine the goal of domestic finance affairs of oneself, the living expenses with basic family, include to live, the cost of parents of filial education, provide for and room are borrowed wait for debt situation to consider to go in.

Specific for, according to oneself income circumstance, the 5~10 that presses year of income times will decide, be in especially the white-collar of city of line of just a little, of fixed birthday danger protect the forehead to be able to consider to configure 500 thousand ~100 10 thousand the left and right sides.

In safeguard term side, what retire considering defer is likely, general proposal is protected to 60-70 one full year of life. The insurance period of fixed birthday danger is restricted to have 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, or to 50 years old, 60 years old wait the multinomial choice such as conventional age.

In decided after keeping the forehead and safeguard time, we are casting the meeting when protecting to need to choose capture to expend deadline. Below the circumstance of inflation and low interest rate, capture expends deadline to grow better more without doubt, best choice arrives 30 years.

To young household, proposal of late elder brother can be configured first defend the accident risk with higher specified number, complement configures major disease risk from the back. The friend that had a family and t上海龙凤论坛sh1f

here are all sorts of cars to borrow on the hand, the room lends the friend that should return, can consider to configure fixed birthday danger.

More content can pay close attention to late elder brother of date of small letter public to read protect (ID: Shengedubao) . Word of choose and employ persons unscrambles insurance knowledge, experien新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

ce the sincerity that safeguard brings. Senior media person, internet insurance practitioner. Ever held t上海千花网交友

he position of reporter of senior finance and economics in phoenix finance and economics, sina finance and economics, Netease finance and economics.

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