Travel of Fujian Spring Festival hits be heated of pure and fresh card to hold in both hands recieve a tourist to exceed 10 million person-time

“Every time plane, feel air is very fresh, exceedingly condition is the one Zhang Zhaoshang calling card of Fujian. ” in Beijing deal Lin Hong of 18 years is lifted as in former years, answer clear county of Fujian of native place Fuzhou to spend the New Year. Travel together with him, 上海夜网

still have the partner of two Spanish book.

As to Pu Gao Tie, mansion deep Gaotie debutted in succession last year, “Zoology ” and ” Gao Tie ” form travel sale heat, make ” pure and fresh Fujian ” in Ma Nianchun holiday golden week is held in both hands by heat.

Roll out during Fujian Spring Festival ” where does the Spring Festival go to, pure and fresh in Fujian ” travel project, cover the 6 big topics such as blessing of happy, folk-custom, hot spring, cate, culture, pray 100 multinomial activities.

Golden week of this Spring Festival, fujian tourist recieves a quantity to break through 10 million person-time to close greatly first. According to statistic of bureau of Fujian Province tourism, during the Spring Festival, fujian recieves a tourist to amount to ten million six hundred and seventy-seven thousand person-time, grow 29.7% compared to the same period, achieve golden week of calendar year Spring Festival to recieve a number new tall; Travel gross earnings amounts to 6.989 billion yuan of RMBs, grow 31.2% compared to the same period.

The forest of 65.95% enclothes Fujian rate, hold countrywide first place, water and empty temperamental quantity keep admirable all the time, zoology advantage is highlighted.

Last year the beginning of the year, chinese much province produces serious mist haze. The Fujian with favorable modes of life and relation to their environment, timely start ” pure and fresh Fujian ” thematic sale, roll out early or late ” pure and fresh Fujian ” classical circuitry and 20 big tourist attractions, go to many provinces city to begin ” wind of pure and fresh Fujian, happy Fujian stage swims ” series recommends an activity.

In the environmen新上海贵族宝贝论坛

t problem and empty temperamental quantity become the setting of public opinion heat to fall, “Pure and fresh Fujian ” travel brand gains the market stage by stage approbate. Current, “Pure and fresh Fujian ” the brand is covered already a mountainous area ” green zoology travel is taken上海千花社区

” , covered again coastal ” blue zoology travel is taken ” .

According to the Fujian Province tourism bureau discloses, preparation of Fujian travel department is saving area of scene of travel of above of 50 3A class to begin PM2.5 value and negative oxygen ion to monitor and be releas上海贵族宝贝

ed of the zoology index such as content completely.

“Pure and fresh Fujian ” the brand still is in extend in. Zheng Weirong expresses deputy director general of bureau of Fujian Province tourism, the travel product administrative levels of Fujian is not at present high, quality insufficient, force is not large, high grade t爱上海龙凤419桑拿

ravel resource did not produce due effect, travel resource did not make some world-class be world-class travel product. “Pure and fresh Fujian ” the travel product with brand high grade need will prop up.

Fujian promotes Wu Yi island of wave of floor of hill, Fujian ground, strike, 3 lane key conformity this year island of 7 alley, Mei continent, east hill island, Qing Yuanshan, Bai Shuiyang, too Lao hill, big Jin Hu, make these travel resource are become ” pure and fresh Fujian ” mark sex brand. Of Fujian ” travel is distributing center central project ” also plan to be in the central city of Gao Tie along the line and city of along the line this year (county) the construction that start travels 38 times distributing center center, implementation tall iron, city and scene area are not had seam a butt joint.

Current, course of development of be open t上海龙凤论坛sh1f

o traffic of Fujian tall iron already amounted to 1400 much kilometers, course of development of highway be open to traffic amounts to 4000 much kilometers. Fujian will rely on traffic network, integrated and beautiful zoology resource and rich culture configuration, make line of high speed railroad, freeway line, coasting wait for circuitry of high-quality goods of travel of 3 old series. (Reporter Zhang Jianzhong)

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