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Tympanitis is a kind of common disease, the health to the patient also can bring a lot of influences and worry, and a kind of folk prescription that gold-rimmed lotus leaf is remedial tympanitis actually, have certain remedial effect, but face tympanitis or suggest to listenShanghai noble baby

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From remedial method of the doctor.

Is tympanitis of cure of gold-rimmed lotus leaf effective?

One, add borneol to treat tympanitis with juice of gold-rimmed lotus leaf, its law is to take a kind to call gold-rimmed lotus leaf (also call drought lotus) plant leaf 4-5 piece, abluent, after accusing to do water, put inside clean container to join a few borneol, pulverize squeezes juice, with straw drop suction juice enters drop of 1-2 having side, with this law 1-2 second namely heal.

Is tympanitis of cure of gold-rimmed lotus leaf effective? Forum of Shanghai night net

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2, treat

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Focus of a disease of active cure the upper respiratory tract sexual disease

If chronic paranasal sinus is phlogistic, chronic tonsil is phlogistic.

3, . Medication

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Sterol hormone kind medicaments mixed liquor, like cortisone of 0.25% chloromycetin fluid, chloromycetin Sha Xing of fluorine of fluid, oxygen drips ear fluid, remedial tympanitis and external auditory meatus are phlogistic wait.

Is tympanitis of cure of gold-rimmed lotus leaf effective?

4, local with medicine note

(1) the Qian Xianqing that use drug washs fluid of the pus inside external auditory meatus and eardrum antrum, can clean with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution or boric acid water, mop is signed with cotton after clean or in order to attract implement suck pusFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Fluid just can drip medicine.

(2) purulent quantity a long time uses water agent, boric acid alcohol can be used when the quantity is little.

Large bore a hole of 4. tympanic membrane affects audition, feasible tympanic membrane repairs art or tympanic figuration art.

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