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Dove is the messenger that people passes information in ancient time. At the same time from ancient up to now also a lot of people breed dove, the practice of dove also had innovation to invent a lot of, the what breast that bake is columbine, what steams dove soup. Dove flesh is considered as extremely nourishing a kind of flesh kind, often be provided nourishment for pregnant woman by soup of make it dove. Dove flesh is qualitative very sweet tender exquisite, dove effect is very allegedly much, one kind goes up of beautiful feed capable person.

What does dove effect have

Steamed dove

Raw material:

Dove, salt, ginger.


1, deck water, put bit of salt, jiang Si, put the evaporate in boiler;

2, probably evaporate is controlled 20 minutes, insert with the chopstick below loose namely ripe;

Lemon is sweet columbine search of the breast that bake


Sauce of dove, cooking wine, soy, pepper, barbecue, citric, tinfoil.

What does dove effect have

The method that make:

1, dove uses cooking wine, soy, pepper, barbecue sauce bloats ahead of schedule on 1 to 2 hours, a place of strategic importance enters some of lemon inside abdomen piece lemon still can be squeezed on dove body some.

2, oven goes up after been wrap with tinfoil, 250 after baking 20 minutes, take out, continue to brushForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Sauce, for color more beautiful! Bake 15 minutes again finally can!

Soup of dove of medlar of Chinese caterpillar fungus

Raw material:

Old dove, medlar is 5 grams, red jujube 10 grams, the root of straight ladybell 5 grams, Bai Zhi 5 grams, dangshen rice of 5 grams, Yi 10 grams, Chinese caterpillar fungus 5ML of 3 root, cooking wine.

What does dove effect have


1, clean dove clean, cut two reserve partly;

2, dove is put in cold water boiler to be boiled, hematic finally scoops take out to reserve;

3, put dove inside arenaceous boiler, add the boiled water that floods the flesh; Join rice of medlar, red jujube, the root of straight ladybell, Bai Zhi, dangshen, Yi, cooking wine;

4, boil dove with conflagration, in turning next, small fire stews 3 hours above;

5, after will columbine Shang Cheng arrives inside the bowl, put into Chinese caterpillar fungus again can

Soup of lacteal columbine nutrition

The nutrient value of dove is very high. Famous in white Feng Wan of officinal black chicken, use black bone chicken and Bai Feng to be made for raw material namely, the Bai Feng here points to is dove. Dove egg is called ” animal ginseng ” contain rich protein, so adageForum of Shanghai night net

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Say ” one columbine get the better of 9 chicken ” !

Columbine flesh not only nutrition is rich, and still have certain sanitarian effect, can prevent and cure a variety of diseases, ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” in account ” columbine a color is numerous, only white is used as medicine ” , from ancient up to now the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to think columbine flesh has filling liver strong gas of kidney, beneficial enrichs the blood, clear hot detoxify, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop to wait for effect yearningly. Modern medicine thinks: Columbine flesh is strong filling god of vigor of body filling kidney, opportunity of survival, be good at head, increase memory, reduce blood pressure, adjust human body blood sugar, raise Yan Meirong, skin whiteness is delicate, prolong life.

Raw material:



Jiang Pian, green Chinese onion paragraph, head of a few of cooking wine, red jujube, medlar, small ginseng a few, angelica, make rice of a black, mulberry, tuckahoe, lotus, glossy ganoderma.


1, dove is abluent, put roll water inside, add bit of cooking wine, go blood, fish out, abluent.

2, put Jiang Pian, green paragraph, medlar, red jujube small fire stews 2 hours.

3, prick a few times with the chopstick, easier ripe sodden. It is better to do not need dove is complete appearance to dissection ahead of schedule!

4, small fire stews 20 minutes, put medlar again finally, put nutrition to be lost easily first. Put condiment finally: Salt, gallinaceous essence flavors can. 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Milk dove soup


1, sweet corn adds water and a bag of pure milk to boil, the soup teem that boils a bowl (corn fish out also puts this bowl in) , the soup bubble that remain dove 5 minutes

After 5 minutes, scoop up dove

2, the dove that crosses bubble is put in BaoForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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In, join ham piece, bamboo shoot piece, add water, the milk that still that bowl has corn soup

3, after be being burned, small fire is stewed on 2 hour

4, bit of salt is put before eating, medlar is boiled good

The effect of dove:

Pee of genu of blood of essence of detoxify of gas of grow kidney beneficial, dispel the wind, filling deficiency of vital energy, beneficial, warm waist, benefit, strong vigor of body filling kidney, opportunity of survival.

Dove flesh be good at head:

The protein content of columbine flesh of filling god of be good at head is high, columbine flesh digestive rate is high also, and adipose content is inferior, the most delightful in carnivorous of animal birds animal kind of edible. In addition, e of vitamin of the element such as the calcium that columbine meat institute contains, iron, copper and vitamin A, B a group of things with common features, dimension compare content of chicken, fish, ox, hotpot tall. Rich pantothenic acid still is contained in columbine flesh, mix to trichomadesis, white hair not Mao Xiancui have very good curative effect.

Raise Yan Gong effect:

Breast contains rich cartilage element inside columbine bone, but with pilose antler daughter-in-law of medium cartilage element photograph is beautiful, often edible, have improvement skin cell vigor, add intensity skin flexibility, improve haemal circulation, complexion is ruddy wait for effect. Breast is columbine contain a more catenary the synthesis that amino acid and acid of ammonia of essence of life can promote the protein inside body, accelerate traumatic heal.

First-rate bravery element is contained in columbine liver, can help human body use cholesterol well, prevent and cureLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Arteriosclerosis. Folk call dove ” sweet hematic animal ” , conduce to after anaemic person edible restore health.

The edible of dove is no-no

1. columbine flesh is fresh and tender and delicious, can do congee, can stew, can bake, scamper, bake, can do fastfood etc.

2. is steamed or ground of utmost of Bao Shang Neng saves its nutrition part.

3. fries columbine cutlet appropriate to distribute pork of essence of life; The burden of deepfry dove cannot little honey, a sweet sauce made of fermented flour, pink of the five spices and ripe peanut oil.

The four seasons of 4. columbine flesh all can enter food, when Dan Yichun day, Xia Chu most fat. Desire be good at head bright eye or in undertaking disease hind and generation attune fill, but will breed columbine with the conpatibility of medicines that join a surname, zun Yicong, ginger, candy, wine of an evaporate cooked food. Also can match Qi a surname, edible law and afore-mentioned identical.

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