[brown sugar milk drinks a law to abstain from] – of contraindication of edible of _ of _ food contraindication

Article introduction

Brown sugar, milk is the food with extremely high value of two kinds of nutrition, the body that will have human body apart has huge profit, but do not advocate to in putting brown sugar in milk, be drunk, because the oxalic acid in brown sugar is very incidental in milk,precipitate, cause among them nutrition value to get loss, cause milk sex anemia very easily still finally.

Brown sugar milk drinks law contraindication

One, can be brown sugar added in milk?

It is OK to add white sugar, add brown sugar to be no good.

Brown sugar milk drinks law contraindication

Some people drink milk to like to add some of brown sugar, say to be able to make milk good already so drink, can increase nutrition again, because brown sugar contains a lot of human body,the nurture of need pledges.

But, they do not know to particular oxalic acid is contained in brown sugar, in adding milk, the protein meeting with rich milk allots unripe gel in the action of oxalic acid or precipitate, make nutrient composition gets loss.

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Can cause baby and old people abdominal distension, make digestive function maladjusted, cause pair of iron, copper the absorption of microelement decreases relatively, happen thereby ” milk sex is anaemic ” .

This kind of anaemic and common symptom has look cadaverous, labial color is light, spirit is dispirited reach muscle tension to drop etc. Accordingly, brown sugar is not added when drinking milk, with adding some of white sugar or rock candy less advisable.

2, of milk drink a way correctly

1, not hollow drink milk. Be in China contemporary below the surroundings of this fast rhythm, a lot of people like to get up in the morning hollow drink milk, it is very incorrect so actually, hollow drink milk to be able to accelerate gastric bowel peristalsis, very go against digest.

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Eat and drink. Do not eat together with the thing that contains acid, such milk and contain acidity thing to be able to condense, the influence is digested.

Brown sugar milk drinks law contraindication

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Drink, want to heat, no matter be in bags,still be bottled bright still grandma should heat, after be being boiled, drink again, can prevent bacterial infection so, still more benefit Yu Jiankang and human body raise part to battalion absorb.

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Milk heats time cannot very long, if time is too long, liquid protein can produce precipitation, very go against absorb, nutrient composition also can decrease.

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