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Bitter tea-seed oil is to belong to oil of a kind of pure vegetable, be be extracted among seed and come from bitter tea tree, contain a lot ofa variety of nutrition material and a variety of mineral, can prevent body disease effectively, still can prevent cancer, have very auspicious place to human body, in the edible with OK and proper old people a few bitter tea-seed oil, can prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel.

Bitter tea-seed oil has these effect unexpectedly

Suffer from tea-seed oil

Bitter tea-seed oil gathers the fruit that suffers from tea tree oneself — bitter tea seed. Gu Fafu of the abide after finished product edible suffers from insolation of exuviate of tea-seed oil classics fries ﹑ to smash ﹑ compresses to ﹑ makes it clear that ﹑ filters and be become. Edible finished product suffers from tea-seed oil to be oil of edible of pure plant sex, can mix ﹑ of meal ﹑ face fries cate. Can do water or match food medicinal food to feed fill etc, have feed originally raise the effect. Suffer from tea-seed oil, Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Taste is not bitter, if with a few garlic of Jiang Pian, green is fried gently hind, mix feed mouthfeel very beautiful.

Bitter tea-seed oil has these effect unexpectedly

Nutrient value

Bitter tea-seed oil belongs to not saturated fatty acid (oleic acid of oleic acid, tristearin acid, linoleic acid, second flax and) of rare and precious 12 Xi acid. According to record and narrate of ancient cure allusion, bitter tea-seed oil contains camellia dulcin, protein, Yu Rui E of mellow, vitamin, mineral Potassium, phosphor, magnesian, calcic… wait for natural nutrition component.

Bitter tea-seed oil is the tea-seed oil that oil press of classics of tea-oil tree seed compresses and gets, contain A of rich protein, vitamin, E to wait, have tall nutrition value, in addition, to reducing the cholesterol in blood, and disease of precautionary heart and vessels also has very big effect, and but detoxify of embellish lung, clear liver, whole bowel be good at stomach.

The main component of camellia oil: Component of nutrition of hill tea-seed oil is substantial, contain fatty acid (per cent of not saturated fatty acid 93% , among them oleic acid 83% , glucoside of linoleic acid 10%) , palmy acid, camellia, phosphoric acid pledges and D of black glucoside, vitamin E, vitamin reachs all sorts of physiology active component: Glucoside of tea much phenol, camellia, camellia black glucoside.

Small-scale kind of bitter tea seed because fruit bead small, crop little, oil content is low. Since time immemorial is called top grade feed raise, feed fill, the cordial of dietotherapy. Consider a stomach, consider tracheal, bound of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is recommended doubly consequently with sayShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Make. Bitter tea-seed oil is one of food of natural nutrition health.

Bitter tea-seed oil has these effect unexpectedly 

Tea-seed oil is our country’s peculiar wood this grease, the accepted best vegetable oil olive oil on composition of its fatty acid and world is similar, have ” Oriental olive oil ” good name, a variety of functional sex part are contained in tea-seed oil, long-term edible, have obvious precaution cardiovascular sclerosis, fall blood pressure, fall the effect such as hematic fat, with the special effect that prevents cancer to fight cancer.

1, improve haemal circulation:

Chinese south especially lowest of mortality of disease of heart and vessels of resident of area of west hill of Guangxi Ba Ma, Jiangxi, short for Zhejiang Province, the place with the more countryside of long life also is on the history. Finland and American heartFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Hemal disease mortality is highest. Notable difference is the fat category that its dweller absorbs differs, a mountainous area dweller such as Jiangxi is main and adipose origin with camellia oil. Modern medicine proves: HillA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Tea-seed oil can prevent arteriosclerosis and arteriosclerosis complication, hypertensive, heart disease, heart failure, kidney failure, cerebral hemorrhage.

2, stimulative digestion function:

Can improve the function of stomach, lienal, bowel, liver and bile duct, prevent gall-stone, and to gastritis and stomach duodenum ulcer has curative effect. In addition camellia oil still has certain aperient effect. Consider to already confirmed in great quantities: The food that camellia oil is a feature is the healthy food and drink that can reduce cholesterol level.

3, enhance internal system function:

Bitter tea-seed oil can improve the metabolic function of organism. Newest research makes clear as a result, after camellia of healthy person edible is oily, the dextrose content inside body can be reduced 12% . At present so camellia oil already made the best edible oil with precaution and diabetic control.

4, function of system of aggrandizement bone Qia:

Bitter tea-seed oil can promote skeleton to grow, of stimulative mine agent generate the absorption with calcium. Be in so skeletal growth period and in avoid osteoporosis field it also has main effect.

5, prevent cancer:

Because suffer from the fatty acid in tea-seed oil to have,fight oxide action, contain microelement, accordingly it can prevent certain canceration () of breast cancer, prostate cancer, colonic cancer, uterus cancer.

6, radiation-proof action:

Bitter tea-seed oil is being sent to have after enhancing radiation-proof function, be used to the food of the astronaut that make.

7, fight consenescence:

The experiment makes clear, bitter tea-seed oil contains some antioxidant dimension E, can prevent cerebral consenescence, and can prolong life.

8, protect the skin:

Bitter tea-seed oil contains a vitamin E and refuse oxidation class status, accordingly it can protect the skin, can prevent skin damage and consenescence especially, make the skin has burnish. Bitter tea-seed oil is the most typical onefold not saturated grease. It is a kind of natural juice that holds camellia taste, aroma, vitamin and property. It is exclusive from inside xylophyta fruit extort hind can be direct of edibleForum of Shanghai night net

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Vegetable oil. Bases of bitter tea-seed oil is oleic acid, its content is as high as 75% to control, in addition still contain rich vitamin E, carotene and other antioxidant. Every gram suffers from tea-seed oil to contain 9 caloric quantity of heat.

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Countless research make clear, onefold not saturated grease (bitter tea-seed oil) the most beneficial to human body health, answer because of this people much edible this kind is adipose, little edible other is like saturated grease (tallow fat, coconut oil and palm oil) get together with how not saturated grease (the seed is oily) etc adipose.

New research makes clear, the fatty acid of different sort is having the effect that differs right-down to health, some can bring about the happening of cancer, the happening that can prevent cancer a little the recrudescent rate that; can raise heart disease a little, some can be reduced, accordingly some is planted adipose affect to the body, often depend on its distinctive fatty acid component. Saturated fatty acid, be considered as bad adipose (point to tallow fat) normally. Mediterranean overcomes gal of rice of Europe of benefit spy the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty prandial proof: The odd not saturated fatty acid in tea-seed oil of be out of office, olive oil, can protect cardiovascular system effectively, still can reduce insulin, Jie to fight a gender diabetic the occurrence rate of 3 kinds of diseases that cause because of metabolization.

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