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Tea is in our country history is very long, from ancient circulating all the time up to now the habit that drinks tea, the sort of tea also is rife, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Different tea, has effect also is different, a lot of people in the life have the habit that drinks tea at ordinary times, everybody knows classics tipple tea has effect of health care of preserve one’s health to person body, and the vitamin in tea and protein content also are very tall, if often be being drunk, be opposite healthy have a lot of profit.

Does tea boil water what to effect there is?

Tea waterEffect

1, because the eye uses an eye overmuch and fatigue, usable cotton dips in cold boiled water cleans an eye, in a few minutes, the cold water on gush, pat again dry, conduce to restore exhaustion.

2, eliminating the method with black the simplest rim of the eye is wrap two bags of tea first (tea bag is in gauze) soak in cold water, or in laying aside freezer, close an eye, on or so eyelid each put package of a tea, await 15 minutes.

3, if the skin is damaged by the enroach on of the sun, can dip in with a cotton cold boiled water wipes uncomfortable portion, had not exerted oneself to do sth. big. Time in order to feel comfortable had better.

4, cosmetic of ministry of thoroughly clean eye answers before sleeping, if clean method is undeserved, make an eye the most easily red. The tea bag that had better have immersed with Wen Shui is pressed on eyelid 10 minutes, but cannot too stand by eyelid.

5, the nutrient part that contains in tea is very much, the person that often drinks tea, the skin appears moist and good-looking. black tea leaf and brown sugar each two spoon add water Bao fry in shallow oil, add flour smooth apply face, after 15 minutes, ministry of face of rub-up of reoccupy wet towel.

Does tea boil water what to effect there is?

What use does the tea that bubble crosses have?

1, egg of the tea that boil. Some tea that use bubble to pass will boil, some uses tea dust. Best is to use black tea, common black tea is low-cost, and boil the tea egg colour and lustre that come out ruddy, flavour sweet beauty. The essentials of egg of the tea that boil is thoroughly cook the egg first, chorion gentlyForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Knock broken, like thatShanghai noble baby

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In water putting tea again after, continue to boil, in order to make tea better tasty.

2, pillow of the tea that make. Has used tea is not deserted, booth is on board insolation, accumulate come down, can use as pillow core. Allegedly, belong to because of tea sex cool, reasonFall in love with the sea

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Tea pillow is OK clear mind wakes head, promotional thinking ability.

Does tea boil water what to effect there is?

3, drive midge. has used tea insolation, ignite in summertime dusk rise, can drive mosquito, the result with mosquito-repellent incense is same, and absolutely to human body harmless.

4, development of help flowers and plants and breed. The tea that passes to bubble still has the nutrient such as inorganic salt, carbohydrate, caboodle attack by surprise is in flower nursery or flowerpot, can help the development of flowers and plants and breed.

5, antiseptic control athlete’s foot. Larger tannic acid is contained in teaLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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, have intense antiseptic effect, be opposite especially the filiform bacterium that sends n/med beriberi is particularly effective. So, have the person of n/med beriberi, cook tea concentrated juice every nightShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Will wash a foot, with the passing of time can be not treated and heal. Nevertheless the tea that boil washs a foot, want to perserve, there won’t be distinct effect inside short time. And had better use green tea, through barmy black tea, the content of tannic acid is gotten less much.

6, eliminate halitosis. Tea has intense convergent effect, contain tea in the mouth constantly, can eliminate halitosis. Commonly used strong tea gargle, also have same effect. If not arrogate to oneself drinks tea, after can crossing tea bubble, contain in the mouth again, can reduce agonized flavor, also have certain effect.

7, can protect hair. Boiled water can dirty cleanse be bored with, after washing a hair so, catharsis of reoccupy boiled water, can make a hair pitch-black and soft, be full of burnish. And boiled water does not contain chemical agent, won’t hurt hair and skin.

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