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A kind of nourishing food, because red jujube is had,fill very by force the function of gas increase blood, and compare at other of filling gas blood feed capable person for, the price of red jujube is cheaper also. And if a female is in menstruation, want to notice oneself dietary situation all the more, because food causes the case that menstruation does not move,avoid as far as possible. Be in so forthcoming month classics when can you still eat red jujube to feed capable person this kind?

 Will menstruation can eat red jujube

One, the advantage that forthcoming month classics takes red jujube

1, filling gas raises blood: Red jujube is tasted for beautiful of take a tonic to build up health, the bosom in dietotherapy medicinal food just resembles be pregnant, time became long ability lets a person see often join body of red jujube take a tonic to build up health, moist gas bloodLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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. Eat red jujube more at ordinary times, yellow over sixty years of age, medlar, can promote the vigour of the body, enhance immune power.

2, raise blood to calm the nerves: Female impetuous gloomyFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Disease, cry disturbed, mind inquietude, with red jujube and licorice, wheat is used together , can rise to raise blood to calm the nerves, easy liver sees the effect of gloomy.

3, be good at lienal beneficial stomach: Taste is frail, diarrhoea, listless and faint person, daily eat red jujube 7, or with dangshen, method is common, the beneficial in can filling is angry, be good at taste, achieve increase appetite, stop the effect; red jujube of have diarrhoea and ginger, the tuber of pinellia is used together, the gastritis that medicable food causes carelessly bilges like the stomach, the symptom such as vomiting.

 Will menstruation can eat red jujube

2, what circumstance cannot eat red jujube

Easily abdominal distension female period cannot eat red jujube, lest be born wet accumulate sluggish, jump over those who drink abdomen to bilgeForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Wind circumstance cannot be improved more. A few females can give lose face the phenomenon with swollen or swollen foot, actually this is the expression of weight in wet base, these people do not suit to take feed red jujube, because red jujube smell is sweet, eat to be born easily more phlegmy unripe wet, water is wet accumulate within body, the case of oedema is more severe.

3, the red jujube cookbook that suits period edible

1, black agaric Gong Zaoshang

Material: Black agaric is 10 grams, red jujube white sugar of 50 grams, a few.

Practice: Right amount water is added in boiler, put black agaric and red jujube to be thoroughlied cook with medium baking temperature, join a few white sugar can.

 Will menstruation can eat red jujube

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2, lotus seed Gong Zaoshang

Material: Dry lotus seed 2 two, red jujube 10, rock candy 2 2.

Practice: water of lotus seed bubble 2 hours, water of red jujube bubble 10 minutes. Next, in crossing bubble the lotus seed of water to be put in the pot that added water, stew with small fire boil about 3 hours, boil after rotting, put red jujube and rock candy to be boiled again 10 minutes can.

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