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Article introduction

Beef catchs a meal is a our country’s very traditional cate, its feed capable person basically is beef, and the protein that contains among beef and cellulose is rife, the nutrient value that so beef pays a meal also is extremely tall. General authority still can be when doing beef to catch a meal inside put the other burden such as carrot, can flavor not only, still can increase alimental nutrition. So, what is the way of the daily life of a family that beef pays a meal?

 Beef pays the way of the daily life of a family of the meal

Practice one

Advocate makings

Rice beef

Complementary expect

Carrot of onion a few one root

Ginger end a few is small fennel pink a few

Salt is right amount bovine broth

1.Bubble rice half hour.

2.Take out beef boiling water from freezer.

3.Cut into shreds carrot, (Knife work is bad > O<) onion cuts a middle, end of ginger silk ginger but.

4.Hot pot adds oil of one small spoon, because from the back the beef soup oil that add is very considerable also.

5.Fry onion to come first fragrance when 4 excessive, put carrot, jiang Mo, break up fry to Microsoft.

6.Enter the bovine broth that has stewed ahead of schedule, put powder of small fennel of salt and a few.

8.Break up in electric pot for cooking rice is being put after been fry, need cooks by two key. Jump in the 2nd after boiler, stew gives boiler 15 minutes.

9.Sweet little hint, we did not turn on the water, can eat pure broth so catch a meal. Frying when salt is being put in boiler, must taste below, rice of small Xian Zaifang, the taste that such doing come out ability as it happensShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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. Frying when beef boiling water is being added in boiler, must just skip over rice but, put much, catch a meal to be done very soft, suit old people to eat.

 Beef pays the way of the daily life of a family of the meal

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Practice 2

Advocate makings: Beef 250g, carrot 1, onion half, rice 300g;

Complementary makings: Shallot 1 root, salt 1 small spoon, water right amount, plant is oily 3 spoon;


1. prepares what to require data

2. general beef is abluent cut Cheng Dading, carrot, onion is abluent cut Xiaoding, shallot cuts chopped green onion.

3. burns boiler heat enters oil, oil should be put more a bit, the beef that will cut after oily heat puts boiler varus to fry.

4. is fried to there are a lot of bovrils in boiler, in pouring the onion man that has cut into boiler again, undertake breaking up fry

Carrot is joined after 5. onion gives sweet smell fourth

6. fries carrot soft after rejoin salt

7. is joined right amount rinse

8. can involve fire after broth boils

9. rice is abluent (ahead of schedule bubble half hours) enter electric mealShanghai night net

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Inside boiler

10. rejoin boils good beef. (Pour even boiling water together)

11. puts bravery of electric rice cooker into electric rice cooker inside

Bao of 12. report meal is chosenFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Choose cooks bolt

13. cooks after time ends, do not hit boil to cover boil in a covered pot over a slow fire a few minutes

Scatter after 14. boil on chopped green onion

15. is final mix divide evenly can edible

 Beef pays the way of the daily life of a family of the meal

Practice 3

Advocate makings: 300g; of beef 200g, rice

Complementary makings: Carrot 1 root, onion half;

Condiment: Salt 100ml of half teaspoon, milk, currant right amount, plant is oily 1 spoon, curry 2 teaspoon;


1. rice is abluent immerse about 1 hour, beef cuts bead, carrot, onion cuts into shreds, still currant also gives bubble to go up

The boiler since 2. sits oily, put the fat share of beef first, after small fire boils oil giving an ox, oil residue fish out does not want, carrot and onion break up below fry

Next beef after 3. carrot and onion fry a fragrance break up fry become angry to beef, join sauce of two spoon oily curryNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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4. fries divide evenly, add milk of about 100 milliliter, add hot water to come to had done not have all feeding completely again material is boiled

5. takes electric meal belfry, it is shop of dish fish out first by boiler, asperse the currant of the half, above the rice with the good bubble on even shakedown, add Shang Zhigang to just had done not have rice face

6. is pressed cook normally program, after been do, add additional half currant, mix divide evenly is become namely.

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